Workplace fashion: what’s hot and what’s not!

How to dress smartly for work? Here are some dos and don’ts from professional fashion consultants:

  • Dress to blend. If everyone in the office looks professional, look the same! Don’t show up at works with distressed jeans, flip-flops and flashy sunglasses…
  • Work environment is not a night club (unless you work in one!)… Tight and short skirts are out and so are the 6″ heels! Keep the sexy stuff for the weekend, you will definitely look more reliable and professional.
  • If you find that fashion at work is too boring or bland, use funky and colorful accessories: a bold scarf will enhance any black suit, a floral bracelet or watch band will make you feel feminine and a zebra belt will add just enough dazzle if you want to stand out from the crowd…

office dress

And don’t forget to wear your smile: it’s the best accessory of all!


The Plus Size Fashion Finder Team

Tips to find the best plus-size top

So you’re a plus size gal who loves fashion but you’re not too sure which top suits you best? Here are some tips to help you out!

plus size top

What to avoid:

  • lots of details
  • ruffles and rouches
  • extra embellishments
  • tops that clings to your belly
  • lycra and nylon
  • very large patterns

Any of the above will attract attention to your midsection which normally a rounder woman will instead try to minimize.


What to look for?

  • loose shirt that doesn’t hold the body too tight
  • v-neck that elongates the neck area
  • 3/4 sleeves that will hide the loose skin of the arms
  • vertical lines
  • colors that match the bottom part (if you have a white and black stripes top, match it with a black pant)


We hope these few tips will help you choose a wonderful top next time you’re shopping :-)



What’s the best style jeans for full figured ladies?

We think that the best style jeans for a plus-size woman it the ‘bootcut jeans’. Why?

For many reasons including the fact that a pair or jeans with wider legs that falls below you ankle creates a slimming effect that also gives the illusion of a clean and slimmer line all the way from the waist and down. A pair of skinny legs jeans on the contrary, will emphasis the focus on your midsection, which is sometimes the ‘weak’ area of round women!

We suggest you also look for a jeans that has some kind of stretchy fabric that will bring out your curves and tuck in the tummy just a bit. Here are some great jeans ideas that you might like… Enjoy!


Anuschka handbags

Ladies, are you familiar with Anuschka handbags?

Anuschka’s handbags are handmade in India from local artisans. As soon as you see their gorgeous colorful handbags, you’ll know immediately it’s an ‘Anuschka’! Their incredible vibrant colors, exotic print patterns and the quality leather screams at you: ‘Hey look at me, I’m Anuschka!’.

Anuschka has been making beautiful leather handbags for the past 25 years with carefulness and attention to details and not 2 bags look the same: perfect for the woman who loves being different and original. The typical patterns of this company are often nature like birds, flowers, rivers, etc.

But Anuschka doesn’t only make handbags, they also have a line of fantastic ebook’s protector sleeves, eyeglass cases and wallets.

Take a look at this company’s craftsmanship and you’ll immediately fall in love!

Visit Anuschka’s website and give us your feedback :-)

anuschka leather bags

Photo courtesy of Anuschka leather (

handmade leather handbags

Photo courtesy of Anuschka leather (

Plus size fashion tips and tricks

So you’re a plus size woman, round and curvy all over and you’ve been told or read all your life that to slim you down, you should be wearing black clothes?

Hum, we say, step out of the boring black karma and let your true personality shine through! Wearing black is nice: if you’re going to an event, a Christmas supper or something similar, by all means do get yourself a gorgeous black outfit but don’t always wear black… Here are 5 tips and tricks that we think full figured women should try:

  • Love certains parts of your body, like your tiny waist or generous bust? Flaunt them with a cinched belt or deep v-neck top…
  • Splurge on fashion jewelry! You will not spend a fortune but could look like a million bucks! Go for those shiny impressive big fake diamonds…
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too loose: they will only make you look like you don’t care about yourself…
  • Shoes can make or break any outfit: if you’re dressed chic, wear trendy and eye attracting shoes.  If you’re wearing jeans or capris, why not get that fabulous pair of low heel sandals?
  • Be confident and smile:  people will be attracted to you no matter what you are wearing!

Being a full figured woman is not a sin and you would not be ashamed of it. Proudly wear colors, patterns and dare to try something different: you never know what could happen :-)

Where to find large size shoes?

But right here at Plus Size Fashion Finder … of course!

Lots of men and women require special sizing in shoes and boots. Some of you need EEEE shoes (extra-large), some of you are looking for big size sneakers and some women might be searching for an amazing pair of wide calf boots. Right?

special shoes

Well, to make your life easier, we have gathered some of the best places on the net where you will find all kinds of specialty footwear. We’ve only gathered the shoe stores that sell either vey large shoes (up to size 18), extra wide shoes, up to 8E and very wide calf women’s boots. The selection of specialty footwear on the internet is truly astounding and you can now shop online without even having to move your feet!

We hope you like our fabulous selection of large size footwear stores and we wish you a fantastic shopping session… Have fun :-)


European fashion in plus sizes…

Hello again!

We hope you are enjoying Plus Size Fashion Finder and all our fabulous plus-size and big and tall clothes? Just to make it a bit more exciting, we’re adding plus size and big & tall fashion from Europe. Fabulous curve hugging garments for you ladies and trendy masculine clothes for you gentlemen.

Don’t you worry though, you will always have an amazing selection of large size fashion from both Canada and the States but if you feel like something a bit different, something english from Great Britain or french from France, give our ‘European fashion’ section a visit…


Find plus-size swimwear

If you’re a ‘plus size lady’, finding a beautiful bathing suit is not always easy: most stores carry only the standard sizes, normally ranging from small to large or x-large. And truly, that’s not enough for us, the fully curvy girls!

plus size swimsuit

Plus Size Fashion Finder as browsed through dozens of websites to gather only larger size bathing suits, swim dresses, cover-ups and tankinis that fill will you perfectly, the lovely woman who needs a size 18, 24 or even 30. Click on the swimwear section to find out what we’re talking about. You’ll find gorgeous bathing suits that will not only look fantastic on you but also cover up any area that you’d rather not show  but yet also enhance all your lovely sexy feminine curves…

Be bold and daring: stop hiding behind a black swimsuit and splurge with colors and patterns. Isn’t supposed to be fun to be at the beach? :-)

Talk to you soon!


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